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Trading plan focuses on statistical arbitrage and wealth accumulation with exponential growth.


We trade crude oil, gold, NYSE and Forex.


We offer clients the flexibility and choice of bespoke pricing from liquidity venues including Tier 1 Banks, MTF’s and ECN’s

Investment Strategies

Here is an overview of our trading plan, entry rules, exit rules and risk management.

Trading Plan: Goal is to acquire 20-30 pips a day. We have strict risk rules including no evening, overnight or weekend trades nor any trading during major market announcements.

Trading Exits: Loss of momentum or candlestick reversal patterns, or other technical indicator reversal signals.

Trading Entries: Analyze at multiple intraday time frames, confirmation of indicators for trend direction, and use a Traders Dynamic Index Indicator (TDI).

Risk Management: Contact us for more information about our risk management philosophy.

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