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What We Do We develop strong teams and thorough processes, so we can make the most effective decisions on behalf of our investors.


At Starwood, we aid our investors to achieve opulence and serenity by adhering to values of transparency, integrity, and simplicity while maintaining lucrative performance.

Our core values guide us daily to achieve opulence and serenity:

  • Transparency: We believe investments should have real, tangible value, with direct access to those assets.
  • Integrity: Through passive investments our clients receive monthly return on investments. Our investors’ interest are placed first to always adhere to a fiduciary standard.
  • Simplicity: We provide the ability to easily invest at a low cost with products that are clear to understand.

Starwood Asset Management Fund operates business in a manner that upholds our emphasis that faith and family always come first. Investing in the market is a lucrative way to build and retain wealth therefore it should be available to all qualified investors, not just a privileged few.


Starwood Asset Management Fund’s investment strategy includes several aspects to its trading plan. These include intelligent risk management, no unnecessary exposure (such as overnight or weekend trades), no trading during major market announcements (e.g. oil inventory reports, FOMC announcements, etc.), and reducing unnecessary leverage. Trade entry and exit signals follow sound technical analysis principles with multiple forms of confirmation.

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